Our ice cream

All our products are fresh and natural. From our ice cream flavourings to our waffles, toppings and cones. Each and every ingredient is selected and processed with care.

Our ice cream is prepared from carefully selected ingredients. We make the basic recipe in the Campine countryside using Belgian or Dutch milk and butter,  eggs from free-range chickens and Tien sugar. Our ice cream is not only an extremely local product, it’s also completely fresh and natural.

Australian Ice Cream
Australian Home Made Ice Cream

Our stores additionally stock a tempting range of sorbets and lactose- and sugar-free ice cream.

Our sorbets are only made with 100% pure fruit pulp and sugar and are therefore completely vegan.

Prefer a milkshake? No problem! We take fresh milk, stir in two generous scoops of your favourite ice cream and voilà.

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